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Wish Mumia a Happy Birthday and Organize to Get Him Free

Join us Friday April 24, 2020 in celebrating Mumia Abu-Jamal's 66th birthday with this powerful teach-in on U.S. empire and the fight to free political prisoners

Speakers include:

Angela Davis

Alice Walker

Vijay Prashad

Keith Cook

Pam Africa

Marc Lamont Hill

Oscar Lopez Rivera

Chris Smalls (Fired Amazon Worker)

Estela Vasquez (Local 1199)

Kairi Al-Amin

Mutulu Shakur

Leonard Peltier

Elizabeth Mcalister

Laura Whitehorn

Susan Rosenberg

Kathy Boudin

Jose A. Saldana (RAPP)

Donna Robinson (RAPP)

Megan Malachi (Real Justice, Philly)

Jalil Muntaqim

Janet Africa

Jihad Abdulmumit

Russel Maroon Shoatz

Sekou Odinga

Susie Abulhawa

Kyle “Tag” Fraser (IWOC)

Marshal Eddie Conway

Teresa Gutierrez

Bob Boyle

Carolina Saldaña

Ralph Poynter

Ben Ramos Rosado

Ann Lamb

Rasheed Johnson

Fred Hampton, Jr

Nancy Mansour

Gloria Rubac

MYia X

This event will be streamed live at 6pm EDT on Common Notion Books’ YouTube page. See you there!

This event is part of a series of events called "Rise Up and Resist" to celebrate Mumia's 66th birthday. Other events include:

April 23: Press Conference

April 25: Mumia Libre: An Instagram Live Dance Party

also April 26: Poetry In Motion: A 24 hour Reading of the work of Mumia Abu-Jamal

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